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The SNU Library’s
new challenges will continue

The SNU Library launched a fundraising campaign to remodel the building and build a new library in March 2012. In February 2015, it finally bore fruit and erected the new Kwanjeong Library.
Now, the SNU Library has not only the largest collection of books, but also the largest scale among university libraries in Korea. 

However, the SNU Library is still lacking to go beyond Korea and become a world-class library. Improving the facilities and the environment of the “Main Building of the SNU Library,” which holds 40 years of history, is urgent above all and establishing a global knowledge and information system is also imperative. 
In order to accomplish this, we still need your support.
The SNU Library will continue its challenges to be the cornerstone of Seoul National University becoming the world’s university. 
We want to embark on this journey with you all. The sustained interest and generous love you give will be remembered forever by Seoul National University.

Thank you.

April, 2015
Library Director, Sung Gul Hong